Section 7

  1. The governor might conceivably find a genuine resolution to the budgetary dilemma, but she may be tempted to engage in a deception: a ________ exercise in fiscal prudence.

  A. rigorous

  B. sparkling

  C. specious

  D. blatant

  E. convincing

  2. Without seeming unworldly, William James appeared wholly removed from the ________ of society, the conventionality of academic.

  A. ethos

  B. idealism

  C. romance

  D. paradoxes

  E. commonplaces

  3. The great of (i)________ of most books that examine the American presidency is their ideological bias, but for the most part, this volume on the presidency maintains an impressive degree of (ii)________. Blank (i)

  A. contribution

  B. limitation

  C. paradox

  Blank (ii)

  D. certainty

  E. fluency

  F. objectivity

  4. The reclusive clergyman may have lived and died in melancholy, but this doesn’t seem to have (i)________ his genius in any way. On the contrary we find ourselves wondering whether his genius wasn’t (ii)________ in some mysterious way by his mood.

  Blank (i)

  A. influenced

  B. hampered

  C. triggered

  Blank (ii)

  D. served

  E. controlled

  F. identified

  5. The author argued that the field of sociology has been overly (i)________ partly because, for many scholars, the edges of the social universe are defined by national borders. In this era of increasing globalization, however, sociology is presented with a historically distinct opportunity to transcend its

  former (ii)________.

  Blank (i)

  A. narrow in scope

  B. susceptible to fades

  C. averse to empiricism

  Blank (ii)

  D. utilitarianism

  E. parochialism

  F. historicism


  6. Applications of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) have fared best in contexts in which habitat condition is closely linked to species condition and the cause of habitat degradation is easily identified. The achievements of the ESA in those contexts, however, have (i)________ that other uses of the act can (ii)________ that record even where such favorable conditions do not (iii)________.

  Blank (i)

  A. quelled the conviction

  B. presaged the uncertainty

  C. fostered the misconception

  Blank (ii)

  D. mitigate

  E. duplicate

  F. elucidate

  Blank (iii)

  G. vary

  H. pertain

  I. diminish

  7. Since some contemporary Western dieticians believe that the only function of food is to provide nourishment, these dieticians view an emphasis on the aesthetic dimension of the culinary arts as ________.

  A. unprecedented

  B. unwarranted

  C. illuminating

  D. groundless

  E. promising

  F. novel

  8. Harper Lee’s narration in To Kill a Mockingbird is ________, mixing an adult’s and a child’s perspectives according to no logic other than the immediate exigencies of the plot.

  A. a paradigm

  B. a hodgepodge

  C. a model

  D. an innovation

  E. a patchwork

  F. an embarrasses

  9. A clever form of diplomacy involves subtly inducing the other party to propose your preference so that your ________ their requests appear as the granting of concession.

  A. accession to

  B. inattention to

  C. subversion of

  D. abnegation of

  E. repudiation of

  F. acquiescence of

  10. The employee had a reputation for fractiousness, but his coworkers found him to be on the contrary, quite ________.

  A. insightful

  B. affable

  C. sagacious

  D. capable

  E. easygoing

  F. productive