Section 5

  1. A new television documentary focuses on one of the prime minister’s defining contradiction, portraying her as a woman who cultivated an image of ________ but who liked to live grandly.

  A. irascibility

  B. abstemiousness

  C. contentiousness

  D. insouciance

  E. surreptitiousness

  2. In proto scientific times, for example, in ancient Greece, claims about the physical world were often accepted as true if they were reasonable; experimental verification, if thought necessary at all, was ________.

  A. utilitarian

  B. perfunctory

  C. egregious

  D. empirical

  E. inductive

  3. The economic recovery was somewhat lopsided: (i)________ in some of the industrial economics while (ii)________ in others of them.

  Blank (i)

  A. unexpected

  B. feeble

  C. swift

  Blank (ii)

  D. robust

  E. turbulent

  F. predictable


  4. Scholarly works on detective stories often begin with (i)________, suggesting that there is something vaguely wrong with adults who spend their time reading such fiction and certainly something (ii)________ those who devote energy to its analysis.

  Blank (i)

  A. chronologies

  B. apologies

  C. synopses

  Blank (ii)

  D. awry in

  E. astute about

  F. courageous about

  5. Due to the extraordinary circumstances, British business owners found themselves in a (i)________ position during the second world war, forced to accept regular interference from government and to acquiescence to (ii)________ role for labor unions in negotiating the terms and conditions of employment.

  Blank (i)

  A. defensive

  B. dominant

  C. customary

  Blank (ii)

  D. a traditional

  E. an enhanced

  F. a diminished

  6. For almost two centuries, the German island of Sylt has offered various therapies for every conceivable (i)________, from broken bones to liver complaints. The local mud, saltwater, thermal pools and spas have been deemed (ii)________ by the German medical system, which (iii)________ some of these treatments. Consequently, the treatments are widely used.

  Blank (i)

  A. malady

  B. indiscretion

  C. prognosis

  Blank (ii)

  D. healthful

  E. suspect

  F. innocuous

  Blank (iii)

  G. doubts

  H. denies

  I. funds

  7. Miller reminded his clients that labor relationship are inherently ________ : the interests of business owners are diametrically opposed to those of employers.

  A. adversarial

  B. exploitative

  C. mercenary

  D. antagonistic

  E. variable

  F. changeable

  8. Progressive and reactionary populist movements are not necessarily ________: each way, and usually does, process features of the other. dichotomous

  A. untenable

  B. unsustainable

  C. controversies

  D. subversive

  E. efficacious

  9. Even the cleverest use of time management technique is powerless to ________ the sum of minutes in a person’s life (over 52 million, optimistically assuming a life expecting of 100 years), so people squeeze as much as they could into each one of them.

  A. justify

  B. quantify

  C. augment

  D. enrich

  E. measure

  F. extend

  10. One of the vocalists who auditioned for a leading part of in the local production of Sweeney Todd seemed to prefer ________ to any attempt at producing a melody; a more pleasant voice was hard to imagine.

  A. warbling

  B. imitating

  C. improvising

  D. shrieking

  E. crooning

  F. caterwauling