1. Blake’s reputation for weakness is _____: almost all who have worked with him say he is a disciplined, intellectually formidable, and very tough politician.

  A. specious

  B. pervasive

  C. irreversible

  D. trivial

  E. ambivalent



  2. Retrofitted with stabilizing devices, some of which _____ its aesthetics, the bridge has been reopened, no longer prone to excessive swaying but not quite the breathtaking structure it originally was.

  A. impair

  B. resist

  C. improve

  D. enhance

  E. restore

  F. compromise

  参考答案:A F

  题目解析:这座桥用了一些稳固装置进行翻新以后,其中一些(some of which)【破坏】了它的美观,这个桥重新开放以后,不再会倾向于(prone to)像以前那样过分的摇晃了,但是也没了原本会令人惊讶叹服的外观结构。所以根据最后no longer... but not 判断桥更稳固但是牺牲了美观,因此前面应该是负评价,答案为AF损坏。resist 对抗,抵制;improve 提高,改进; enhance 提高,增加; restore 修复。

  3. Mr. Hirsch says he will aim to preserve the foundation’s support of _____ thinkers, individuals who are going against the trends in a field or an acknowledged set of opinions.

  A. iconoclastic

  B. integrative

  C. doctrinaire

  D. heterodox

  E. dogmatic

  F. synthesizing

  参考答案:A D

  题目解析:应当选择的词汇是表达反对意见,跟后面的against相呼应的词汇。首先这个句子个结构简单,所以要找到里面的对等部分,要么是同义要么是反义,这句里没有强烈反义词汇,所以基本直接断定同义。再看句子就知道找和against the trends in a field or an acknowledged set of opinions 同义的词汇,所以就是heterodox和iconoclastic。


  4. In France cultural subsidies are _____: producers of just about any film can get an advance from the government against box-office receipts, even though most such loans are never fully repaid.

  A. ubiquitous

  B. invaluable

  C. sporadic

  D. scanty

  E. questionable

  F. omnipresent

  参考答案:A F

  题目解析:本题题眼应该是get an advance from the government,所以对于subsidies的态度应该是正向的,选项中只有AF有正向含义。Even though后的负评价有一定的干扰性但是题目中用fully弱化了这一负评价,而且even though句子的重点本来就不在even though后面是另一句话,也就是producers of just about any film can get an advance 这里,尤其是这里的any,已经很明显的暗示了AF。

  5. With the rate of technological (i) _____ accelerating—many people now consider a personal computer (ii) _____ after three years—the question of how to properly dispose of old equipment is no small matter.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A.affordability D. outdated

  B.complexity E. familiar

  C.obsolescence F. inestimable

  参考答案:C D


  6. It may be that a kind of pendulum is built into United States politics: if a particular interest group scores a major victory, its supporters (i) _____ and its adversaries (ii) _____ their efforts, so that the victory is soon (iii) _____ .

  Blank (i) Blank (ii) Blank (iii)

  A.consider new possibilities D. abandon G. reversed

  B.grow complacent E. redouble H. augmented

  C.become even more focused F. defend I. institutionalized

  参考答案:B E G

  题目解析:Pendulum=n. 钟摆;摇锤;摇摆不定的事态

  blank 1:supporter的xx做法或是状态会对particular interest group起到一个负方向的作用,所以grow complacent

  blank 2:adversaries竞争对手的xx做法或是状态会对自己产生正方向的作用,所以只有redouble加倍努力

  blank 3:那么particular interest group的胜利victory就会失败,就是负方向的作用,所以reversed推翻, 取消,使倒退, 逆转

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