1. impudent / imprudent

  impudent: very rude

  imprudent: not wise or sensible: not prudent

  2. insolent / indolent / redolent

  insolent: rude or impolite

  indolent: not liking to work or be active

  redolent: causing thoughts or memories of something

  3. witty / witting

  witty: funny and clever

  witting: cognizance / news

  4. discernible / discerning

  discernible: able to be identified as separate and distinct

  discerning: able to see and understand people, things, or situations clearly

  and intelligently

  5. exhaustive / exhausted

  exhaustive: including all possibilities: very thorough

  exhausted: be tired out or worn out

  6. aver / avert / averse / avow / advent /advert

  aver: to say something in a very strong and definite way

  avert: to prevent (something bad) from happening

  averse: having an active feeling of repugnance or distaste

  avow: to declare or state (something) in an open and public way

  advent: second coming

  advert: announcement; notification

  7. feckless / reckless

  feckless: weak and ineffective; worthless;irresponsible

  reckless: not showing proper concern about the possible bad results of your actions

  8. mean / mien

  mien: a person’s appearance or facial expression

  9. humdrum / conundrum

  humdrum: dull, boring, and ordinary

  conundrum: a confusing or difficult problem

  10. immune / immure / inure

  immure: to enclose within or as if within walls

  inure: to cause (someone) to be less affected by something unpleasant