1. 单空题

  Even though six players had been injured, the coach announced to the assembled reporters that the team would ______ the championship.

  (A) ignore

  (B) win

  (C) overcome

  (D) demand

  (E) refuse

  2. 两空题,每个空格三选一的多选题,全对才给分。

  Although Johnson ______ great enthusiasm for his employees project, in reality his interest in the project was so ______ as to be almost non-existent.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A generated D preemptive

  B demanded E redundant

  C feigned F perfunctory

  3. 三空题,每个空格三选一的多选题, 全对才给分。

  Currently, legal scholars agree that in some cases legal rules do not specify a definite outcome. These scholars believe that such (i)___ results from the (ii)___of language: the boundaries of the application of a term are often unclear. Nevertheless, they maintain that the system of legal rules by and large rests on clear core meanings that do determine definite outcomes for most cases. Contrary to this view, an earlier group of legal philosophers, called “realists,” argued that (iii)___ pervades every part of the law.


  A definition D circumstantiality G uncertainty

  B indeterminacy E vagueness H speculation

  C homogeneousness F nuance I enforceness

  4. 句子等价题,单空题,六选二的多选题,选出的答案要让使句子的意思接近, 全对才给分。

  Always circumspect, she reluctant to make judgments, but once arriving at a conclusion, she was _____ in its defense.

  (A) uncompromising

  (B) nonplussed

  (C) obsequious

  (D) intransigent

  (E) deferential

  (F) negligent


  既然GRE填空主要考词汇,那么考生是不是只要背好单词就能做好填空了呢?在新GRE的考试准备中,尤其是针对填空题的准备,很多学生都会不自觉地走进一个备考误区,感觉做每一道题时,自己做错的原因就是单词不认识,如果单词认识了就能选对,所以就大家把主要的备考精力都放在单词记忆上。但是学生很快就会发现,自己背了又忘,忘了又再背,直到快要考试的时候才开始做题,这个时候才意识到,自己真正能记住的单词就只有红宝书前面的几个单词表。这样的备考方法是绝对错误的 ,它不仅效率低下,而且非常的浪费时间,因为考生一方面在背单词的时候背了很多生僻的词而不自知,这些词新GRE根本就不会考到;另一方面,考生就算背了单词,知道做题解题技巧,抓不住句子的逻辑和关键词,一样无法答对题目,拿不到分数。