Carla L. Peterson’s Doers of the Word (1997), astudy of African American women speakers and writers from 1830-1880, is animportant addition to scholarship on nineteenth-century African American women.Its scope resembles that of Frances Smith Fosters 1993 study, but its approachis quite different. For Foster, the Black women who came to literary voice innineteenth-century America were claiming their rights as United Statescitizens, denying that anything should disqualify them from full membership inan enlightened national polity. Peterson sees these same women as having beenfundamentally estranged from the nation by a dominant culture unsympathetic toBlack women, and by a Black intelligentsia whose male view of race concernsleft little room for Black female intellect.

  It can be inferred that Peterson’s studyand Fosters study are similar with respect to which of the following?

  A. the writers that each takes up for examination

  B. the degree to which each has influenced other scholars

  C. the assumptions that each brings to nineteenth-century AfricanAmerican literature

  D. their analysis of the nineteenth-century Black intelligentsia

  E. their interpretation of nineteenth-century Americas dominant culture



  文章主要就是通过和F的对比介绍P的研究。文章哪里提到两人相同点呢?对了,是这句:Its scope resembles that of Frances Smith Fosters 1993 study, butits approach is quite different. 说得再清楚不过啦!为什么没有选A呢?哎呀,A选项“the writers that each takes up for examination”不理解,其实就是说,两个人研究的作家对象是一样的。原文哪个词说的是研究对象呢?对啦!scope! 研究范围就是研究的作家对象呀!