GRE完形填空和同义句攻略第四版 英文原版!GRE填空备考书籍可参考《GRE完形填空和同义句攻略》,智课网为大家带来了本书的电子版资料,方便考生下载使用。


  《GRE完形填空和同义句攻略》 第四版英文原版 Gre Text Completion 4Th Manhattan Prep

  Manhattan Prep s 4th Edition GRE Strategy Guides have been redesigned with the student in mind. With updated content and new practice problems, they are the richest, most content-driven GRE materials on the market. Written by Manhattan Prep s high-caliber GRE instructors, the Text Completion & Sentence Equivalence GRE Strategy Guide provides a comprehensive approach to the vocabulary-based questions on the GRE. Learn core principles and useful techniques for taking cues from the given sentence, anticipating correct answers, and eliminating wrong answers. Delving deeply into both of the GRE s vocabulary question types, this Guide provides straightforward step-by-step processes, detailed examples, and built-in exercises to hone particular skills. It is designed to ensure that, not only do you know the vocabulary being tested, but you can also use those words in context with ease and efficiency. Each chapter provides comprehensive coverage of the subject matter through rules, strategies, and in-depth examples to help you build confidence and content mastery. In addition, the Guide contains complete problem sets, with detailed answer explanations written by top-scorers, and numerous exercises that you can use build accuracy and speed. Purchase of this book includes one year of access to 6 Manhattan Prep online section-adaptive GRE exams.