《GRE综合指导与全真考场》目  录



  Timetable for a Typical Computer-Based Graduate Record Examination

  PART ONE Introduction/Diagnostic Test

  1 What You Need to Know About the GRE

  An Cverview of the Computer-Based GRE

  General Test

  Commonly Asked Questions About the Computer-Based GRE

  GRE Test Format

  Verbal Ability

  Quantitative Ability

  Analytical Writing

  2 Test-Taking Tactics for the Computer-Based GRE

  Starting Right Now

  Before the Test

  On the Day of the Test

  Once the Test Has Started

  3 A Diagnostic Test


  Answer Key

  Answer Explanations

  PART TWO Verbal Abiligy:Tactics,Review,and Practice

  4 Antonym Questions

  5 Analogy Questions

  6 Sentence Completion Questions

  7 Reading Comprehension Questions

  8 Reviewing Vocabulary

  PART THREE Analytical Writing:Tactics,Strategies,and Practice

  9 Analytical Writing

  PART FOUR Quantitative Ability:Tactics,Strategies,Practice,and Review

  10 General Math Strategies

  11 Discrete Quantitative Questions

  12 Quantitative Comparison Questions

  13 Data Interpretation Questions

  14 Mathematics Review

  PART FIVE Model Tests

  15 Model Tests