1. At first, I found her gravity rather intimidating; but, as I saw more of her, I found that______was very near the surface.

  (A) seriousness

  (B) confidence

  (C) laughter

  (D) poise

  (E) determination

  2. The newborn human infant is not a passive figure, nor an active one, but what might be called an actively______one, eagerly attentive as it is to sights and sounds.

  (A) adaptive

  (B) selective

  (C) inquisitive

  (D) receptive

  (E) intuitive

  3. The breathing spell provided by the______arms shipments should give all the combatants a chance to reevaluate their positions.

  (A) plethora of

  (B) moratorium on

  (C) reciprocation of

  (D) concentration on

  (E) development of

  4. The proponents of recombinant DNA research have decided to______federal regulation of their work; they hope that by making this compromise they can forestall proposed state and local controls that might be even stiffer.

  (A) protest

  (B) institute

  (C) deny

  (D) encourage

  (E) disregard

  5. Even those who disagreed with Carmen’s views rarely faulted her for expressing them, for the positions she took were as______as they were controversial.

  (A) complicated

  (B) political

  (C) subjective

  (D) commonplace

  (E) thoughtful

  6. Until the current warming trend exceeds the range of normal climatic fluctuations, there will be, among scientists, considerable______the possibility that increasing levels of atmospheric CO2 can cause long-term warming effects.

  (A) interest in

  (B) uncertainty about

  (C) enthusiasm for

  (D) worry about

  (E) experimentation on

  7. Current data suggest that, although______states between fear and aggression exist, fear and aggression are as distinct physiologically as they are psychologically.

  (A) simultaneous

  (B) serious

  (C) exceptional

  (D) partial

  (E) transitional

  8. Though feminist in its implications, Yvonne Rainer’s 1974 film _____ the filmmaker’s active involvement in feminist politics.

  (A) preserved

  (B) portrayed

  (C) encouraged

  (D) renewed

  (E) antedated

  9. Their _____ of loyalties is first to oneself, next to kin, then to fellow tribe members, and finally to compatriots.

  (A) merging

  (B) hierarchy

  (C) definition

  (D) judgment

  (E) cognizance

  10. The eradication of pollution is not merely a matter of _____, though the majestic beauty of nature is indeed an important consideration.

  (A) economics

  (B) legislation

  (C) cleanliness

  (D) aesthetics

  (E) restoration


  C D B D E B E E B D