11.In 1933 the rubber, clothing, and shipbuilding industries put into effect a six-hour workday, not as a temporary expedient but as a seemingly permanent accommodation to what many observers thought was an economy made overproductive by advances in technology.

  # 1933 年,橡皮业,服装业和造船业开始实行六小时工作日,不是作为一个暂时的利益而是作为一个看起来似乎永久的调节/对于这很多观察者所想到的/是一个经济/制造出来/由于过分生产/由于进步/技术的。

  12.In December of 1987 an automobile manufacturer pleaded no contest to criminal charges of odometer tampering and agreed to pay more than $16 million in civil damages for having test-driven cars with their odometers disconnected.

  # 在 1987 年 12 月,一个汽车制造商没有辩护/为了过错罚款/里程表干涉作用的/并同意付多于 1600 万美元/为了民事损失/因为试行车装有这种里程表的/断开了。

  13.The filibuster, a parliamentary device that slows the snail's pace that prevails even in the best of times in congressional sessions and tests the endurance of everyone associated with it, seems more and more an anachronism in the age of telecommunications.

  # 这样的阻挠,来自于一个国会的器械/它减慢了速度缓慢的人的速度/ (这种速度)很流行/即使是在 好的时代/在国会会议期间/同时(这种速度)检验忍耐力/每个人的/与其相联的,越来越成为一个时代错误/在这个时代/电信的。

  14.The bank acknowledged that its difficulties are likely to continue as it attempts to deal with the precipitous fall of the dollar against the yen and the dislocations reflected in the stock market decline.

  # 银行承认/他的危机有可能持续/因为他们打算去处理大幅下降/美元对日元的/同时这种混乱反映/在股票市场的下跌上。

  15.In terms of physics, the characteristic feature of the roller coaster is that the potential energy of the cars, gained as a chain drive lifts them through the Earth’s gravity to the top of the first drop, has been converted to kinetic energy by the time the ride ends.

  # 从物理学角度而言,典型特点/滚轴滑行者的/是潜在的能量/小卧车的,获得的/从连续滑行中/推动他们穿过地球的重力/到达顶端/第一次落下的,已经转化为动能/到这个时间滑行结束时。