41. Raymond Burr played the role of lawyer Perry Mason on television. Burr’s death in 1993 prompted a prominent lawyer to say “Although not a lawyer, Mr. Burr strove for such authenticity that we feel as if we lost one of our own.” This comment from a prestigious attorney provides appalling evidence that, in the face of television, even some legal professionals are losing their ability to distinguish fiction from reality.

  The reasoning in the argument is flawed because the argument

  A.takes the views of one lawyer to represent the views of all lawyers

  B.criticizes the lawyer rather than the lawyer’s statement

  C.presumes that the lawyer is qualified to evaluate the performance of an actor

  D.focuses on a famous actor’s portrayal of a lawyer rather than on the usual way in which lawyers are portrayed on television

  E.ignores the part of the lawyer’s remark that indicates an awareness of the difference between reality and fiction


  42. For next year, the Chef’s Union has requested a 10 percent salary increase for each of its members, whereas the Hotel Managers’ Union has requested only an 8 percent salary increase for each of its members. These facts demonstrate that the average dollar amount of the raises that the Chefs’ Union has requested for next year is greater than that of the raises requested by the Hotel Managers’ Union.

  Which one of the following, if true, most strengthens the argument?

  A.The Chefs’ Union has many more members than does the Hotel Managers’ Union.

  B.The Chefs’ Union is a more powerful union than is the Hotel Managers’ Union and is therefore more likely to obtain the salary increases it requests

  C.The current salaries of the members of the Chefs’ Union are, on average, higher than the current salaries of the members of the Hotel Managers’ Union

  D.The average dollar amount of the raises that the members of the Chefs’ Union received last ear was equal to the average dollar amount of the raises that the members of the Hotel Managers’ Union received

  E.The members of the Chefs’ Union received salary increases of 10 percent in each of the last two years, while the members of the Hotel Managers’ Union received salary increases of only 8 percent in each of the last two years



  B.This is out of scope . The topic in the passage has nothing to do with the power of the 2 associations. The topic is only concerned with data analysis.

  C.基数大 (Percentage 大,基数又大,绝对值肯定大了)



  43. Zoos have served both as educational resources and as entertainment. Unfortunately, removing animals from their natural habitats to stock the earliest zoos reduced certain species’ populations, endangering their survival. Today most new zoo animals are obtained from captive breeding programs, and many zoos now maintain breeding stocks for continued propagation of various species. This makes possible efforts to reestablish endangered species in the wild.

  Which one of the following statements is most strongly supported by the information above?

  A.Zoos have played an essential role in educating the public about endangered species.

  B.Some specimens of endangered species are born and bred in zoos.

  C.No zoos exploit wild animals or endanger the survival of species.

  D.Nearly all of the animals in zoos today were born in captivity.

  E.The main purpose of zoos has shifted from entertainment to education.







  C.The sentence can not be reached by the passage, actually it is the opposite. From the passage we know that in the past certain species are reduced.

  D.说的是所有的动物,与文章新产生的动物most new zoo animals are obtained from captive breeding programs,范围不一致


  44. Legal theorist: It is unreasonable to incarcerate anyone for any other reason than that he or she is a serious threat to the property or lives of other people. The breaking of a law does not justify incarceration, for lawbreaking proceeds either from ignorance of the law or of the effects of one’s actions, or from the free choice of the lawbreaker. Obviously mere ignorance cannot justify incarcerating a lawbreaker, and even free choice on the part of the lawbreaker fails to justify incarceration, for free choice proceeds from the desires of an agent, and the desires of an agent are products of genetics and environmental conditioning, neither of which is controlled by the agent

  The claim in the first sentence of the passage plays which one of the following roles in the argument

  A.It is offered as a premise that helps to show that no actions are under the control of the agent

  B.It is offered as background information necessary to understand the argument

  C.It is offered as the main conclusion that the argument is designed to establish

  D.It is offered as evidence for the stated claim that protection of life and property is more important than retribution for past illegal acts

  E.It is offered as evidence for the stated claim that lawbreaking proceeds from either ignorance of the law, or ignorance of the effects of one’s actions, or free choice





  C:正确,is is offered as the main conclusion.

  D:the evidences offered for the argument are stated behind.


  45. Commissioner: Budget forecasters project a revenue shortfall of a billion dollars in the coming fiscal year. Since there is no feasible way to increase the available funds, our only choice is to decrease expenditures. The plan before you outlines feasible cuts that would yield savings of a billion dollars over the coming fiscal year. We will be able to solve the problem we face, therefore, only if we adopt this plan.

  This reasoning in the commissioner’s argument is flawed because this argument

  A.relies on information that is far from certain

  B.confuses being an adequate solution with being a required solution

  C.inappropriately relies on the opinions of experts

  D.inappropriately employs language that is vague

  E.takes for granted that there is no way to increase available funds


  思路:年度财务预算下一财年收入不足量one billion dollars,由于没有feasible way增加可得资金,只有削减开支。因而只是做了一个如何之间节省10亿美金的计划,it is just a required solution but not adequate maybe.





  E:前提已经指出没有feasible way,所以E错误。