1.Galileo was convinced that natural phenomena, as manifestations of the laws of physics, would appear the same to someone on the deck of a ship moving smoothly and uniformly through the water as to a person standing on land.

  # 伽利略确信/自然现象,作为表明/物理规律的,将会出现/同样地/对于一个人/在船的甲板上的/(船)移动平稳地速度均匀地在水中/和对于一个人/站在陆地上的。

  2.In astronomy the term “red shift” denotes the extent to which light from a distant galaxy has been shifted toward the red, or long-wave, end of the light spectrum by the rapid motion of the galaxy away from the Earth.

  # 在天文学词汇中,“红色移动”意味着这个范围/光线从一个遥远的星系已经移动/朝着这个红色的,或者说长波的,光谱的末尾/通过快速的移动/这个星系的/远离地球的。

  3.The July 15 issue of the company paper will report on promotions, retirements, and other actions approved by the board of directors at its May meeting; the paper will also include obituaries.

  # 七月十五号发行的/这个公司的报纸/将报道升迁退休,以及其他的行为/批准的由董事会/在五月会议上;这份报纸还将包括讣告。

  4.Although fruit can no longer grow once it is picked, it continues for some time to respire, taking in oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide, just as human beings do when they breathe.

  # 尽管水果不再生长,一旦被摘下来,它继续/一段时间/呼吸,吸进氧气并且呼出二氧化碳,就像人类一样/当他们呼吸时。

  5.The labor agreement permits staff reductions through attrition and provides increased pension benefits and a special early-retirement program to speed the attrition process.

  # 劳动协议/允许工作人员减少/通过消耗/并且提供增加的抚恤金利益/ 和一个特别的提早退休的计划/去加速消耗过程。