16.School desegregation has worked well in Buffalo, New York, in part because parents and teachers were given major roles in designing the city's magnet schools, because extra federal funds were allocated to make each school unique, and because the federal judge enforced desegregation orders.

  # 学校的废除种族隔离制(工作)已经进行的很好/在巴伐罗,纽约/,在某种程度上/是因为家长和老师被赋予这样的角色/设计这个城市的有吸引力的学校,也是因为额外的联邦政府基金被拨出/为了使每所学校有自己的特色,并且因为联邦法官加强废除种族隔离制的命令。

  17.Researchers have questioned the use of costly and experimental diagnostic tests to identify food allergies, such as to milk, that supposedly disrupt normal behavior.

  # 调查者曾经对这有疑问/使用昂贵的试验的诊断测试去鉴别食物过敏,像对于牛奶(的过敏),假定它打扰了正常的行为。

  18.The number of mountain gorillas is declining so rapidly that the population was halved in the twenty years between a count made by George Schaller in 1960 and the one made by Dian Fossey in 1980.

  # 数量/山上的大猩猩的/在减少/速度太快了以至于/数量减少了一半在

  20 年间/在一个统计做出的/由 George Schaller/在 1960 年和另一个统计/ 做出的/由 Dian Fossey/在 1980 年。

  19.A recent study of ancient clay deposits has provided new evidence supporting the theory that global forest fires ignited by a meteorite impact contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs and many other creatures some

  65 million years ago.

  # 一个 近的调查/对于古代的粘土沉积/已经提供了新的证据/支持这个理论/全球森林火灾/是被点燃的由于一个陨石作用/它促成了灭绝/恐龙的/以及很多其他的生物/在大约六千五百万年前。

  20 . As Hurricane Hugo approached the Atlantic coast, it increased dramatically in strength, becoming the tenth most intense hurricane to hit the United States mainland in the twentieth century and the most intense since

  Camille in 1969.

  # 随着 Hugo 飓风/靠近亚特兰大海岸,它极大的增加了它的力量,变成第十大强劲的飓风/攻击美国大陆的/在 20 世纪/而且是 强劲的/自从

  1969 年的 Camille 飓风以后的。