11.Although it claims to delve into political issues, television can be superficial, as when the three major networks each broadcast exactly the same statement from a political candidate.

  # 尽管被要求深入研究政治事件,电视只能是表面上的(研究),因为三个主要的网络/每一个播放的/恰恰都是同样的声明/同一个政治候选人的发出的。

  12.The record of the past is always incomplete, and historians in writing about it inevitable reflect the preoccupations of their own time.

  # 纪录对于过去的/总是不全面的,而且历史学家/写这些纪录的/不可避免的反应出偏见/他们那个时代的。

  13.Like virtually all of the nation's 50 busiest airports, New York's were built for an age of propellers, before jet planes weighing 800,000 pounds needed over two miles of runway.

  # 事实上,像所有这个国家的 50 个 繁忙的机场一样,纽约的机场建造为了一个时代/螺旋桨的,在这之前/喷气式飞机/重达八十万磅需要超过两英里的跑道。

  14.Judge Lois Forer's study asks why some litigants have a preferred status over others in the use of a public resource, the courts, which in theory are available to all but in fact are unequally distributed between rich and poor.

  # 法官 Lois Forer 的研究调查了/为什么一些诉讼当事人有一个优先的地位/对于别人/在使用公共资源上,法庭,在理论上,应该是可利用的/对于所用的人/但是事实上/被不公平的分配/在富人和穷人之间。

  15.The visiting pharmacologists concluded that the present amalgam of Chinese and Western medicine is probably as good as, or better than, any other system that might be devised for the patients treated at the Nan Kai hospital in Tian-jing.

  # 访问的药理学家判断/现在的混合/中药和西药的/可能是一样好,或者是更好,比其他系统/可能被发明的/对于那些病人/接受治疗在南开医院天津的。