51.=Anthropologists and others/ are on much firmer ground/ when they attempt to describe the cultural norms/ for a small homogeneous tribe or village/ than when they undertake the formidable task/ of discovering the norms/ that exist in a complex modern nation state/ composed of many disparate groups. #人类学家和其他人/会变得更加严厉/当这个时候他们试图去描述这个文化标准/对一个小的性质相同的部落或村落/,比这个时候他们去从事一项艰巨的任务/即去揭示一个文化标准/它存在于一个复杂现代的国度/组成是由许多彼此间毫无联系的群体。

  52.=It has thus generally been/ by way of the emphasis/ on oral literary creativity/ that these Chicano writers/,whose English language works are sometimes uninspired/,developed the powerful and arresting language/ that characterized their Spanish-language works/.

  #一般而言,正是/通过强调/对口头文学创造性的/,这些 Chicano 作家/,他们的英语作品有时显得缺乏灵感/,发展了这种强有力的和有吸引力的语言/它构成了特征他们西班牙语作品的。

  53.=To measure them properly/,monitoring equipment/ would

  have to be laid out/ on a grid/ at intervals of at most 50 kilometers/, with sensors/ at each grid point/ lowered deep in the ocean/ and kept there for many months/.

  #为了测量它们恰当地/,监测设备/将必须被设置/在一网络上/在这样的间距中 多为五十公里/,带有感应器/位于每个网点上/放置在海洋深处/并一直固定在那里在许多个月中。

  54.=This declaration/,which was echoed in the text of the Fourteenth Amendment/,was designed primarily/ to counter the Supreme

  Court’s ruling/ in Dred Scott v. Sandford/ that Black people in the United States/ could be denied citizenship.


  抗 高法院的判决/在“Dred Scott 诉 Sandford”一案中/(,此判决裁定)


  55.=The broad language of the amendment/ strongly suggests/ that its framers/ were proposing to write into the Constitution/ not a laundry list / of specific civil rights / but a principle of equal citizen-ship/ that forbids organized society/ from treating any individual/ as a member of an inferior class.