In the age of television, reading books is not as important as it once was. People can learn as much by watching television as they can by reading books."



  In my experience, it is true the importance of books is largely reduced by television, as well as other media methods. However, even we can watch many programs which contain what can be read in books, reading books is still a attracting way to obtain knowledge and entertainment, since it can provide a space to image, and the power of language is unpredictable.

  Modern technology has brought us a lot of ways to see the world, this is especially true when we consider about televisions. By giving realistic images and sound, we can see many places where we can never go to, as well as watch scientific programs about diversified knowledge. The Discovery Channel, for instance, has presented many adventure programs, produced by experts and tourists who are able to go to fat places where we may never have change to reach, such as Antarctica, deserts and so forth. During the past we may need books with photos and illustration to know such places,but now we can experience the journey through televisions, like we are there ourselves. Moreover, some experiences that will never exist in real world can also be expressed by televisions, with the modern digital unreal world technology, including computer graphics and special movie photographing. Another scientific program produced by BBC, Walk With The Dinosaurs, has brought us into a period millions of years ago, showing us the extincted animals by computer technology. There has never been a book can give us such experience, but televisions have done.

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  Besides television, other media methods can also take roles, including internet, cyber books and movies, making our ways to learn much more direct and convenience. Consider how you can download a book on the internet, with both pictures and articles in it, saving much time and money, and how you can browse a website, where the information is much quicker than books can pass. In that sense, books are truly less important due to the modern technology.

  Nevertheless, books are still indispensable, according to its separated charm. By reading a book, we can only obtain words and articles, leaving images to be built in our minds, which is totally diversified from televisions. The books can provide us a creative way to obtain knowledge and experience. Although modern movie technology has made the scientific fiction realistic, those books describe unreal future world are still very popular, since the audience may find the movies show them a not satisfying image, while they can have better senses in their minds.Moreover, another consideration making books still active and useful is the limit of resource. Producing a television program asks for many people, from actors to directors, as well as a huge cost. By contrast, writing a book just asks for intellect, and some pieces of paper. This is especially true when it comes to certain kinds of television programs, which contains large amount of computer graphics and hard to make. That is why many movies are based on existing novels, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of Ring and so forth.

  It might be tempting to think internet and computer can be alternative methods instead of books, however, in my view such concerns are still unwarranted. As we know, computer screens may do harm to our eyes, especially when we stare at small words displayed on them. And if we are on the ways of tourism, or lying on beds, it is hard to take a computer, even laptop. Many people may take real books as more reliable, when they are holding them in their hands.

  To sum up, both televisions and books are necessary for our life, as well as other media. They work in different ways, and serve our interests separately, nevertheless as a whole system. We may develop new technology to make books obtained in smaller and healthy computers, or we may even make televisions set into a new kind of implement. But consider the current situation, books are still playing their role in our daily life, and surely will be consistent for a long time.


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