象征:symbolize; emblematize; indicate; represent; signify; stand for

  进步,提高:improve ameliorate better develop remedy revise enhance enrich upgrade refine

  重要,关键:important significant consequential momentous considerable essential valuable distinctive GREat weighty major serious grave vital capital substantial material

  正确的,无误的:correct rectify accurate precise proper undistorted right impeccable

  增长和减少:increase rise extend magnify decrease reduce fall amplify aggrandize elongate intensify enhance prolong strengthen curtail shrink terminate lessen abate raise boost intense(intensify) expand augment enlarge diminish dwindle slump

  证明:justify warrant assert claim contend argue validate substantiate verify accuse assign indict allege affirm

  论题:statement claim declaration assertion opinion belief view conviction persuasion

  要求:request demand needs requisition

  撤销:to cancel; to revoke; to countermand; [Law] to rescind; to quash

  建立:to build up; to establish; to set up; to found; to take root; to strike root

  消除:to eliminate; to clear; to remove; to clear up; to take away; to smooth away

  推理: inference; reasoning; deduction; ratiocination

  相应:1. corresponding; relevant; relative; fitting; appropriate

  2. accordingly; correspondingly; by the same token; in a corresponding way

  3. to correspond to; to act in responses; to work in concert with; to support each other

  导致:to lead to; to bring about (or on); to result in; to cause; to spark off; to conduce to; to procure; to induce; to generate

  后果:a consequence; an aftermath; an outcome

  检查:to inspect; to check; to examine; to look over; to put to the test; to keep a check on

  程度:strikingly GREatly highly exceedingly dreadfully remarkably drastically dramatically

  足够:sufficient adequate enough

  越来越: be increasingly + adj., be on the rise, a growing number of

  人们认为: it is generally/widely believed/held/aGREed that

  许多问题: a host of/a number of problems

  引起人们注意:claim /call/attract general/public/world attention to sth.

  意识到:there is a growing awareness/realization of/that, awaken sb. to the fact/danger

  适应新的形势/变化:adapt/adjust/accommodate oneself to new environment/change

  接触各种思想/经历:be exposed to new ideas/experiences/problems

  接触社会: come into frequent/close contact with the world/society

  获得成功:achieve/accomplish success

  提出观点/建议:advance / put forward / come up with the arguments/ideas/suggestions

  作出努力:make tremendous/persistent/sustained effort to do sth., take GREat pains to do(with work/study)

  影响学习/工作:interfere with studies/work

  产生影响:exert a profound influence on life/personality, have a dramatic/undesirable effect on

  随着生活节奏的加快:with the quickening pace/rhythm/tempo of modern life/society

  开阔眼界/兴趣: broaden one’s interest/outlook, expand(broaden/enlarge) one’s mental horizons

  有助于了解/发展/宣传/解决:contribute much/little/GREatly/to a better understanding of/the popularity of/the growth of/the solution of

  有助于解决问题:go a long way to(towards) solving the problem

  迷恋名利/分数:be obsessed/preoccupied with grades/fame/fortune

  把时间花/浪费在:spend/waste time doing sth., put in hours doing sth.

  利用机会/技术:make (full/better) use of/take advantage of opportunity/time,tap/harness technology


  把知识/经验运用到:apply/put the theory/knowledge/experience… to practice/daily life/good use

  取得进步: make much proGREss/strides/gains in

  充分发挥潜力/能力:develop one’s ability/potential to the full, give full play to one’ s ability

  充满激情/渴望:have a burning desire/a GREat passion for