交织 intertwine;interweave

  好奇心 the eager desire to know;curiosity

  尊敬 respect;esteem;think highly of

  顽固的 headstrong;obstinate;stubborn

  暗淡的 gloomy;dark;dim

  巨大的 huge;gigantic;colossal;vast;enormous;tremendous

  探索 explore;fathom

  执行 carry out;execute;do

  现代 modern times;modern age;contemporary age

  偏见 prejudice;bias;partiality;predilection

  混乱 chaos;commotion;confusion;disturbance;tumult


  无缺点的 flawless;airtight

  无药可救 incurable

  无法避免的 unavoidable;inevitable

  细密的计划 elaborate plan

  取消 cancel;annul;abolish

  解药 a cure for…;a remedy for;


  谜 puzzle;riddle;enigma

  机会平等 equality of opportunity

  较有影响力的国家 a predominant country

  遵守 abide by;conform to;observe;comply with

  热情的 passionate;ardent;zealous

  模糊的 ambiguous;vague;obscure

  影响长远的 far-reaching

  失望 despair;loss of hope;without hope

  幼稚 childish;childlike;na ve

  挑剔的 picky;choosy;fastidious

  破坏 destroy;ruin;break to pieces;devasate

  技巧的 skillful;adept;dexterous

  警觉的 alert;watchful;on guard;wary of

  忍受 bear;put up with;endure;stand

  证据 evidence;facts;proof;grounds;testimony

  很容易地 easily;with little problem;with little hindrance

  令人惊讶的 amazing;astonishing;astounding

  生动的报导 vivid description

  争取 compete for;try hard to win

  遗产 heritage;legacy;inheritance

  保护 protect;safeguard;preserve;shelter

  了解 understand;comprehend;catch the meaning of;catch on

  汇露 reveal;make known;disclose

  放大 amplify;magnify;enlarge

  动力 impetus;driving force;momentum

  自满的 complacent

  第一流的 first-rate;excellent

  安全处 refuge;asylum;haven;sanctuary

  强调 emphasize;stress;highlight

  短视的决定 short-sighted decision

  真正的 genuine;authentic;real

  怪异的 eccentric;peculiar;odd

  明显的 distinct;clear;explicit;obvious

  得到…的注意 capture one’s attention

  事事干涉的 meddlesome;interfering

  背景 setting;background

  假的 fake;false;counterfeit

  夸大报导 dramatize

  退步 setback

  古人 the ancients

  古老的 old;ancient;archaeic

  逃犯 infringe (on);violate

  使害怕 intimidate;frighten

  带来生气 enliven

  对手 rival

  吸引人的 intriguing

  旁观者 onlooker

  准确地说 to be exact;to be precise;precisely

  突然醒悟 it dawned on me that

  仔细思考之后 after long deliberation;after careful thought


  一般而言 in general;generally speaking;by and large

  满于现状 be happy with what you are

  预测未来 project into the future

  另一个观点是… another way of looking at the matter is…

  不宜取笑… it is not decent to make fun of…

  评估社会文化因素 assess (evaluate) sociocultural factors

  那并非说… that does not mean that…

  那有这回事 there is no such thing as

  一个有待克服的困难是… a major hurdle for us to overcome is…

  由…造成 caused by;attributable to;due to;resulting from

  由…组成 is made up of…;is comprised of;consist

  必须从两方面考虑此问题 this problem needs to be considered on two dimensions:

  限制 limit;restrict;refrain;restrain;keep within limits;confine;keep in check

  一般人认为… conventional wisdom suggests that…

  这方法有陷阱 the method had pitfalls:

  说服 convince;persuade;cause to believe

  具体的 specific;concrete;tangible

  刻意的 intentional;on purpose;intended

  费时间去了 解…take time to acquaint oneself with…

  …是此问题的核心 …is at the root of the issue

  无法估计 is beyond calculation;incalculable

  无资格的 disqualified


  一些 a range of ;a variety of ;a series of ;an array of

  无数 innumerable ;countless

  许多 plenty of ;many ;much ;a great deal of ;a lot of ;ample

  非常多(大)的 tremendous

  依序列举 list in sequence


  过时的 outdated ;antiquated ;outmoded ;obsolete ;anachronistic

  短暂的 ephemeral ;transitory ;transient ;short-lived

  不合时宜的 anachronism

  可持久的 durable ;able to stand wear ;last a long time

  一再 time after time ;again and again

  初始的 preliminary

  前述的 aforementioned ;aforesaid ;former

  自古到今 from ancient times to the present day ;down through the ages

  年轻人 young people ;youngster ;youth ;young adult

  老式的 old-fashioned ;out of date ;dated

  偶尔 from time to time ;now and then ;once in a while ;at times

  时常 often ;frequently ;repeatedly

  永远的 eternal ;perpetual ;lasting throughout life

  重整办事优先顺序 reshape priorities

  目前 so far ;by far

  一次就可完成的事 one-time event


  骂 yell at ;reprimand ;chide ;scold ;reprove

  支持 support ;endorse ;back up ;uphold

  谴责 condemn ;express strong disapproval of

  错的 mistaken ;erroneous ;wrong incorrect

  错事 wrongdoing ;had acts ;misbehavior

  做相反的 do the reverse of ;do the opposite

  归咎 blame…on ;put the blame on … ;…is to blame

  瓦解 disintegrate ;break up ;separate into small parts

  支持某一方 in favor of ;on the side of

  不会犯错的 infallible

  意见不和 clashes of opinion

  一致的 unanimous ;in complete agreement

  不恰当 inappropriate ;improper ;unsuitable ;inadequate

  批判 criticize ;blame;find fault with ;make judgments of the merits and faults of…

  我们想念…we are convinced that…;we are certain that..

  我愿意 I incline to;I am inclined to;I am willing to;I tend to

  有用的 useful ;of use;serviceable;good for;instrumental;productive

  有意义的 meaningful;fulfilling

  他们不愿承认这一点 they have always been reluctant to admit this…

  在大家同意下 by common consent of…

  否定 deny;withhold;negate

  承认 admit;acknowledge;confess;concede

  于事无补 of no help;of no avail;no use

  使…受益 benefit…;do good to…;is good for…;is of great benefit to…