想法 frame of mind;mind set;the way one is thinking

  想出 come up with

  找出 come up with;find out

  利用 use;take advantage of

  夸耀 brag about;boast about;show off;speak too highly of

  照顾 take care of;take charge of;attend to;watch over

  对…很了解 have a deep knowledge of…

  对抗权威 stand up against authority;resisit boldly the authority

  对…有信心 have confidence in

  说清楚 articulate;verbalize;put in words;utter

  接受…之美意 embrace the offer of…

  累积 amass;accumulate;heap up;assemble

  连系 tact;get in touch with;contact with

  排除这可能性 rule out the possibility

  等于 is equivalent to;equal

  选择 choose;elect;opt for;pick;single out

  发出 deliver;give out;hand over

  绕路 detour;take a detour;take a roundabout way

  禁止进入 is kept out;is barred from

  小看 make little of

  坏了 out of order;on the blink;is not working

  分别 distinguish between;make a distinction between;tell…from

  依靠 count on;depend on

  忽视 neglect;give too little care to

  存在 come to be;come into existence;come to birth;come into being

  考虑 consider;take into consideration;take into account

  考虑到 in consideration of

  用尽力气 exhaust one’s strength;use up one’s strength

  开动 initiate;set going

  准备…brace for;prepare for

  在于 lie in;rest on;rest with

  主动 take the initiative

  不算 exclusive of;not counting;leaving out

  应该得到 deserve;have right to;is worthy of

  避免 avoid;shun;get around;circumvent

  幻想 fantasy;play of the mind

  以此标准来算 by this criterion;by this standard

  乍看之下 at first glance

  面对 in the face of;in the presence of

  以 by means of;by virtue of;by the use of

  不惜代价 at all costs

  每况愈下 from bad to worse

  承受错误造成的后果 in reaping the harvest of his mistakes

  取得同意…get the go-ahead to

  不择手段 unscrupulously;by hook or by crook

  想法与作法 beliefs and practices

  内情 ins and outs;turns and twists

  关键时刻 the critical moment

  虽然 although;notwithstanding;albeit;though