Society should make efforts to save endangered species only if thepotential extinction of those species is the result of human activities.


  The speaker claims that society should make efforts to saveendangered species only caused by human activities. I agree with the speakerinsofar as saving endangered species is the responsibility of human beings.After all, human beings are the ruler of nature. But, in my perspective, merelyfocusing on saving those endangered species only caused by human activities isunilateral.

  1. The variety of plant and animal is important to practicalutilization.

  1) Discovering the order of evolution;

  2) Valuable gene pool and raw material drug: traditional Chinesemedicine.

  3) Technological imitation from the specious: sonar as a result ofimitating dolphin.

  2. Human should do so even from a moral position.

  1) Plant and animal is the most important components of nature. Whenall ...die out, the day will come soon.

  2) Human beings as the ruler of nature should take theresponsibility to help other species. Let alone those endangered speciesbecause of human activities.

  3) Men have the responsibility to rescue: pollution, environmentsdestroy, catching and killing excessively causing the plant and animal to dieout much faster. For example: tiger and whale;

  3. However, some kinds of

  1) "Survival of fittest": some animals do have theirlethal shortages and would decline even without humans, saving those specieswhich are biological elimination is against the nature and of no help.

  2) When we save a kind of animal, we may do harm to another kind.Thus the proper way is that human should try their best to keep the balance ofnature as it is rather than change the nature as humans' purpose. Human andNature should perform their own functions respectively.

  3) Instead of saving, the restrictions on human ourselves are moreimportant: pollution, environmental destroy, catching and killing excessively.

  4) The extinction of species is the warning of the deterioration ofthe environment which would early or late threaten human beings.


  No matter from the position of practical utilization or morality,human both should ... However, it should be noticed that... Therefore, weshould find out the real reason of dying out. Furthermore, we should pay