“Academic disciplines have become so specialized in recent years that scholars' ideas reach only a narrow audience. Until scholars can reach a wider audience,their ideas will have little use.”



  Although academic disciplines have become so specialized in recent years,scholars' ideas can still reach a wide audience by the advantage of the knowledge structure. We can simply put that it is the human beings' knowledge structure that makes it possible for a scholar's ideas in his specialized discipline to reach a much wider audiences who don't necessarily belong to his own discipline.

  The reason why I draw this conclusion will be illustrated by recalling the process of social evolution.

  During the passed centuries,the social economy has been greatly boosted by the revolutions in science and technology,which in turn increases the width and depth of academic disciplines to solve unencountered and more complex problems arising in the new situations. To solve new problems,we probably need new methods. That will undoubtedly calls for invention of new ideas,which will certainly adds to human beings' knowledge. Thus with the progress of science and technology,more and more knowledge will be added to the old system. A new problem will come: how the newly obtained knowledge is organized. This problem will be clear when we make classification of the new knowledge according to the old knowledge system. If there is content of the newly-get that doesn't properly belong to any sort of the old system,it means a

  new discipline will emerge. But could we just assert that the newly formed discipline doesn't possess any relationship with any of the old ones? Certainly not. This is because the new knowledge is obtained through the old methods,which obviously means the new knowledge do have some connections with some old disciplines,otherwise I am quite sure we could not find it!

  From the above,we can easily reach the conclusion that every academic discipline has certain relationships with some other ones. The structure of human's knowledge is just like the complexity of a net! And also it is a natural trend that academic disciplines become more and more specialized.

  With the depositing and specializing process of knowledge,it causes humans to accommodate themselves to this situation. Because the God gives every person a limited time and energy,it is necessary for a person,who wants to make progress in his discipline,to adjust his knowledge structure to adapt to his research domain,that is to say,to be more devoted to his own research area. On the other hand,if he cares too much for unrelated or less related area,he will probably not be able to bring innovation to his main academic discipline. Simply put,we almost cannot find a man who constructs the Theory of Relativity and in the mean time composes symphony like Mozart's! So we can say every scholar must be more devoted to his own discipline than to others,but a wider knowledge of other disciplines sometimes involuntarily invokes sparks of new ideas.