Many problems of modern society cannot be solved by laws and the legal system because moral behavior cannot be legislated.



  The proposition asserts that the laws and the legal system cannot resolve many problems problem of the modern society since moral behavior cannot be legislated. In my point of view, I fundamentally agree with the speaker, as discussed below.

  First of all, I concede that the laws and the legal system are essential to the modern society and they can resolve many problems. Common sense tells us that everyone has his own position and behavior, depending on their beliefs, experiences, knowledge, professions and emotional concern.However, we cannot simply let everyone do everything that he or she wants, since this will lead to mess and may harm the stability of the society. Thus, the government has to announce the laws and build a just legal system to restrict the citizens. Only by doing this, can the society get to a balance and harmonious status? For instance, the industrial factories want to expel the polluted water into the river without making it clean. If there is not a law or a legal system to restrict the factories from expelling the polluted water, the poisoned water may get into the river, even the sea. This will be really harmful. It may firstly kill the animals living in the river, it may also further harm the human beings if they have drunk the water or eaten the polluted fish. It may bring damage to the environment as well. Considering this, we have to establish laws to prevent the factories from expelling polluted water and other detriments. From this case, we can see how important laws and legal systems are.