The only responsibility of corporate executives, provided they stay within the law, is to make as much money as possible for their companies.



  As long as staying within the law, is the corporate executives' only responsibility is to maximize the profit for companies? I don't think so. Making money is a fundamental aim of the executives, and creating as much social benefits as possible is also their responsibility. Furthermore, only staying in the range of law is not enough.

  In the first place, the corporate executives' primary aim is earning as much profit as possible for the companies. The companies are built to earn money, without this aim,the modern society, which is pushing by the accumulation of capitals, would not develop in such a speed. The modern industry world is based on the value that making as much money as possible at lowest cost. Holding this value, the executives have to try their best to maximize profits of the corporations, otherwise, they will fail in the competitive business world. So in order to make corporate improving and keep the position of all the employees, the executives' most important responsibility is to earn profits. Of course, it could also ensure their own good lives. Making more and more money, the lives of whole corporate workers' will be better, the tax incomes of the nation will raise, the business market will be active, and the society will develop faster.Accordingly, making more economical benefits is the aim of the corporations, and the responsibility of executives.

  However, although making profits is the primary purpose of executives, it does not equal to that making profits is the only goal. At the same time, making social benefits is also important for executives. Corporations’ money is not only gained by the efforts of the executives and employees, but also by the help of the whole society. Without the society's support, companies could not get so many benefits from it. Therefore, it is important for executives to return something to society. Take Bill Gates for example.Leading the biggest company of the world, Gates never forgets to create social benefits for the society. Up to now, he have donated more than 3 billion dollars to respond the world’s help. He help poor country deal with some serious diseases,support scientist to research on human bodies, fund the welfare of the nation, help improve the education, and donate to various kinds of charity groups. The rewards of such behaviors are obvious and enormous. The Microsoft may gain a better reputation,and the whole market condition may thrive in the long rung, either of which will defintely make sense for the lasting profits of Microsoft. Seeing all those mentioned above, it is clear that executives should help society to reach balanced improvement just as Gates did.

  Besides the restrain of social responsibilities, the executives should also act within a range which is wider than laws. Law is merely the most basic limit of people; also,there is morality for individuals and groups to obey. As corporate executives, people should also keep a high level of morality, for they are the representatives of the companies, and the public person who noticed by ordinary people. So being honest,respect others, helping people as they could are all necessary regulations for executives. That could help the corporations and the society keep harmonious. In addition, laws are not always perfect. There are often some holes among them, since the laws could not react as soon as the newest changes of the world happen. For instance, the laws of the internet are not consummate yet, so there are a lot of behaviors which have not been regulated. And executives have the responsibility to keep away from those behaviors which could lead to unfair competing or damage to the society, even if they might bring corporations big economical benefits.

  In conclusion, the economical and social benefits, which are significant factors for social development, both should be pursued by corporate executives. And those behaviors which are towards any purposes should within the limits of morality rather than basic laws.