1. Imaginative works such as novels, plays, films, fairytales, and legends present a more accurate and meaningful picture of human experience than do factual accounts. Because the creators of fiction shape and focus on reality rather than report it literally, their creations have a more lasting significance.

  2. ‘It is the artist, not the critic,‘ who gives society something of lasting value. A person who evaluates works of art, such as novels, films music, paintings, etc.

  3. The arts (painting, music, literature, etc.) reveal the otherwise hidden ideas and impulses of a society.

  4. In order for any work of art-whether film, literature, sculpture, or a song-to have merit, it must be understandable to most people.

  5. As long as people in a society are hungry or out of work or lack the basic skills needed to survive, the use of public resources to support the arts is inappropriate-and, perhaps, even cruel-when one considers all the potential uses of such money.