impertinent: 不恰当的; Exceeding the limits of propriety or good manners

  impertinent : propriety

  impertinent <>obeisant

  sedate : impertinent

  【考法1】adj. 无关紧要的: not having a clear decisive relevance to the matter in hand

  【例】Your rsum needlessly lists extracurricular experiences that are impertinent to the PhD program for which

  you are applying. 你的简历里列出的一些课外活动和你申请的博士项目是毫不相关的

  【近】 extraneous, immaterial, inapplicable, inapposite, irrelevant

  【反】 germane, pertinent, relevant 相关的;crucial, important, significant 重要的

  【考法2】adj. 粗鲁无礼的,大胆的: given to or characterized by insolent rudeness

  【例】I don't like strangers who ask impertinent questions. 我很讨厌那些问无礼问题的陌生人

  【近】 audacious, bold, brash, brassbound, brassy, brazen, impudent, insolent

  【反】 meek, mousy, retiring, shy, timid 内敛的,胆小的

  【考法3】adj. 不守礼节的,不为他人着想的: showing a lack of manners or consideration for others

  【例】 impertinent salesmen who telephone people during the dinner hour 在就餐时间打电话骚扰别人的无礼销售员

  【近】 discourteous, disrespectful, inconsiderate, rude, thoughtless

  【反】 civil, courteous, genteel, gracious, mannerly, polite有礼貌的;considerate 为他人着想的