dirge: 挽歌;a slow, mournful piece of music

  1) (music) a. a funeral hymn or lament b. a slow, mournful musical composition

  2) a mournful or elegiac poem or other literary work

  3) a slow, mournful piece of music, especially one intended for a funeral or similar occasion

  4) a hymn for a funeral; a song or poem expressing lament

  5) a funeral hymn or mournful speech

  dirge : grief

  dirge : mourning

  dirge : solemn

  1. The mourners sang a traditional Irish dirge

  2. The orchestra played the piece so slowly that it sounded like a dirge.

  Synonyms: lament, requiem

  dirge : music :: elegy : poetry 悲歌:音乐::挽诗:诗

  dirge : grief :: paean : praise :: madrigal : love悲歌:悲伤::赞美歌:赞美::情歌:情

  dirge : solemn :: polemic : contentious 悲歌:庄严的::辩论:有异议的