1.Touch a sore spot 戳到了痛处。I didn't mean to be hurtful, but my comment clearly touched a sore spot. 我没想出口伤人,但我的话显然是戳到了痛处。另外,揭疮疤,哪壶不开提哪壶还可以说 rub it in. 如:I knew I messed up. You don't have to rub it in. 我知道我错了,你别哪壶不开提哪壶。

  2.中文说就在你眼皮子底下,英文说 under your nose. 例如,I couldn't find my phone anywhere, but it was right under my nose. 我到处找也找不到我的电话,结果就在眼皮子底下。再如,He has been stealing money from the company right under our noses. 他一直在我们眼皮子底下偷公司的钱。

  3.I will be out of your hair once you give me the money. 你把钱给我,我就不烦你了。

  4.形容某人不怕吃苦,肯干,从不抱怨,可以说他/她是 a trooper. A trooper is someone who works very hard, is reliable, and persists through difficulty without complaint. 例如,Our new intern is a real troop. 我们新来的实习生非常积极肯干。

  5.I had a very bad day....我今天真倒霉。I was stuck in traffic for 3 hours. 堵了三个小时的车。My boyfriend dumped me over a text message. 男朋友发信息把我甩了。I lost my new iPhone. 新iPhone丢了。I tripped and fell and sprained my ankle. 我不小心跌倒把脚崴了。

  6.He is known for his revolving door of girlfriends. 他名声在外,女朋友像走马灯,换了一个又一个。

  7.For good 意思是彻底永远。I left him for good. 我跟他彻底分手了。I quit smoking for good. 我这回真戒烟了。另外一种类似说法是 once and for all. 终于,彻底地。I am sick and tired of all the lies. I'm gonna come clean once and for all. 我对谎言已经烦不胜烦,我准备彻底坦白,说出实情。

  8.To kiss something goodbye 意思是失去某事。比如,If we lose one more game, we can kiss the playoffs goodbye. 如果我们再输一场比赛的话,就没有希望进季后赛了。再比如,If you criticize your boss in public, you might as well kiss your job goodbye. 公开批评老板,你就离走人不远了。