Although initially symptomless, glaucoma can eventually cause blindness when not properly treated. Tests under laboratory conditions of the traditional treatment, daily administration of eyedrops, show it to be as effective in relieving the internal ocular pressure that causes glaucoma as is a new laser-surgical procedure. Yet glaucoma-related blindness occurs in a significantly smaller percentage of patients who have had the surgery than of patients for whom only the eyedrop treatment was prescribed.

  7. Which of following, if true, most helps to explain the low rate glaucoma-related blindness among patients who had the surgery?

  A. Glaucoma-related blindness is no more common among patients who have had only the surgery than it is among patients who had the surgery after using the eyedrops

  B. Doctors rarely recommend the surgery for glaucoma patients who have already started the traditional course of treatment

  C. There is no known physiological cause of glaucoma other than increase in pressure inside the eye

  D. A significant percentage of the people for whom the eyedrop treatment has been prescribed fail to follow the prescribed daily regimen, because the eyedrops have unpleasant side effects.

  E. The eyedrops traditionally prescribed to treat glaucoma are normally prescribed to treat other disease of the eye.




  Baker was struck by the amount of ______ she saw at the renowned medical facility; for all their experience, the physicians could not seem to agree on the correct diagnosis for any given patient.

  A. discordance B. contention C. quackery D. nepotism E. indecision F. cronyism



  1. A box at a yard sale contains 3 different china dinner sets, each consisting of 5 plates. A customer will randomly select 2 plates to check for defects. What is the probability that the 2 plates selected will be from the same dinner set?




  2. Mike, Scott, Jim, Kate and Pete each have a different number of assignments this month. Pete has fewer assignments than Kate, Kate has more assignments than Mike, Mike has more assignments than Jim, and Jim has more assignments than Scott. Which of the following could be the person who has the median number of assignments this month for the five people listed?

  Indicate all such answers.

  A. Mike

  B. Scott

  C. Jim

  D. Kate

  E. Pete

  从小到大排,可以确定的是PK, SJMK这样的顺序。如果P最小,中位数是J。如果P向右移一个,中位数是J,如果再右移就是P,再右移就是M。所以只可能是JPM中的一个。答案是ACE。