1、 表象与本质、目的与方法、批评与赞扬、批判与继承


  Superficial confrontation indicates the similarity of essence.


  1. For instance, applicants with Computer Science degrees would not only be qualified for jobs in high-tech companies, they would also be well prepared for any job with computer skills as a prerequisite.

  2. A good education is supposed to include everything from languages to mathematics to science, etc.

  3. A well-rounded education leads to well-balanced people, which in turn leads to a tolerant, knowledgeable society.

  4. There are a great many children thinking the main purpose of education should be to afford them pleasure and enjoyment. (注意there be句型后的名词再加动词不能用原形!)



  Technology seemingly pushes humans forward, yet forward to the unknown; humanities mirror humans into the past, the past of existence and hope.


  1. Jackie Chan once told that when he was still a teenager, he and his partners were required to practice more than 12 hours a day; and it was said Jet Li was sent to be an apprentice when he was hardly four years old.

  2. Bill Gates, as we know, dropping out from university when he found the possibility of earning money in a new massive market - personal computer market. As a result, he succeeded

  3. Steven Jobs found Apple company when he was young, and when his business reached the peak, he was fired by directors of board. However he never lost hope and didn't give up. Jobs set up a new company named Pixar and made several famous animation movies. Finally when Pixar was bought by Apple, Jobs returned to Apple.




  Time for individuals is consecutive and irreversible, but for the universe, just a repetitive circle.