1. Even though formidable winters are the norm in the Dakotas, many people were unprepared for the------- of the blizzard of 1888.

  (A) inevitability

  (B) ferocity

  (C) importance

  (D) probability

  (E) mildness

  2. As the first streamlined car, the Airflow represented a ------- in automotive development, and although its sales were -------, it had an immense influence on automobile design.

  (A)milestone.. disappointing

  (B)breakthrough.. significant

  (C)regression.. unimportant

  (D)misjudgment.. calculable

  (E)revolution.. tolerable

  3. While nurturing parents can compensate for adversity, cold or inconsistent parents may ------ it.


  (B) neutralize

  (C) eradicate

  (D) ameliorate

  (E) relieve

  4. The architects of New York's early skyscrapers, hinting here at a twelfth-century cathedral, there at a fifteenth-century palace, sought to legitimize the city's social strivings by ----- a history the city did not truly -----.

  (A)revealing.. deserve

  (B)displaying.. desire

  (C)evoking.. possess

  (D)preserving.. experience

  (E)flouting.. believe

  5. Actual events in the history of life on Earth are accidental in that any outcome embodies just one ----- among millions; yet each out-come can be ----- interpreted.

  (A)coincidence.. randomly

  (B)relationship.. predictably

  (C)fact.. readily

  (D)happening.. uniquely

  (E)possibility.. rationally

  6. Although some of her fellow scientists ------ the unorthodox laboratory methodology that others found innovative, unanimous praise greeted her experimental results: at once pioneering and -------.

  (A)ignored.. untrustworthy

  (B)complimented.. foreseeable

  (C)welcomed.. mundane

  (D)decried.. unexceptionable

  (E)attacked.. inconclusive

  7. Early critics of Emily Dickinson's poetry mistook for simplemindedness the surface of artlessness that in fact she constructed with such -------.

  (A) astonishment

  (B) vexation

  (C) allusion

  (D) innocence

  (E) cunning

  1. This project is the first step in a long-range plan of research whose ------ goal, still many years off, is the creation of a new prototype.

  (A) cooperative

  (B) reasoned

  (C) original

  (D) ultimate

  (E) intentional

  2. Eric was frustrated because, although he was adept at making lies sound -----, when telling the truth, he ----- the power to make himself believed.

  (A) plausible.. lacked

  (B) convincing.. held

  (C) honest.. found

  (D) true.. acquired

  (E) logical.. claimed

  3.In certain forms of discourse such as the parable, the central point of a message can be effectively communicated even though this point is not -------.

  (A) preferred

  (B) explicit

  (C) inferable

  (D) discerned

  (E) illustrated

  4.Always circumspect, she was reluctant to make judgments, but once arriving at a conclusion, she was ------ in its defense.

  (A) nonplussed

  (B) obsequious

  (C) intransigent

  (D) deferential

  (E) negligent

  5.The techniques now available to livestock breeders

  will continue to be ------, but will probably be ----- by new ones under development.

  (A)fruitful.. reversed

  (B)refined.. upgraded

  (C)inconvenient.. reassessed

  (D)used.. supplemented

  (E)harmless.. improved