1-3 The (i)_____ of molecular oxygen on Earth-sized planets around other stars in the universe would not be (ii)_____ sign of life: molecular oxygen can be a signature of photosynthesis (a biotic process) or merely of the rapid escape of water from the upper reaches of a planetary atmosphere (an abiotic process).

  A. dearth

  B. presumption

  C. detection

  D. a controversial

  E. an unambiguous

  F. a possible

  47-1 The science community’s perennial lament over inadequate budgets has come to seem increasing _____, because government support for science and engineering has never been greater.

  A. vital

  B. hopeless

  C. poignant

  D. condescending

  E. disingenuous

  20-1 Unlike some mammals—cows and sheep, for instance—that are notably _____, lions have a wide range of facial expressions.

  A. tractable

  B. impassive

  C. solitary

  D. social

  E. sluggish

  27-2 By pointing out the self-serving nature of the governor’s motives for supporting the new health care policy, the columnist implied that the governor’s idealistic-sounding explanation of her position on the issue was almost certainty _____.

  A. impractical

  B. derivative

  C. simplistic

  D. disingenuous

  E. ineffectual

  53-3 Knowing how (i)_____ she was at work, her colleagues were surprised at her (ii)_____ throughout the dinner.

  A. dependable

  B. diffident

  C. diligent

  D. timidity

  E. assertiveness

  F. punctiliousness

  31-5 Inuit print making is less (i)_____ than carving in that it does not have substantial historical precedents, although there are (ii)_____ incised carvings on bone or antler, facial tattoo marks or inlay skin work on clothing, mitts and footwear. Carving materials such as stone, bone, antler, wood, and ivory were (iii)_____, but paper and drawing tools were unknown until introduced by early explorers and missionaries.

  A. traditional

  B. prestigious

  C. anomalous

  D. affinities with

  E. objections to

  F. regulations about

  G. available locally

  H. rarely used

  I. virtually interchangeable

  5-4 He was never (i)_____; he was nothing if not (ii)_____, so he forbore for the present to declare his passion.

  A. chivalrous

  B. impetuous

  C. thoughtful

  D. boorish

  E. circumspect

  F. spontaneous

  6-3 One way to predict the effects of global climate change on an ecosystem is to extrapolate current trend in global change factors into the future. A (i)_____ of this method is that its predictions (ii)_____ actual observation, but the method also makes the questionable assumption that the future will resemble the present.

  A. virtue

  B. drawback

  C. peculiarity

  D. dispense with

  E. derive from

  F. improve upon

  32-6 Those who took Clark’s old-mannered compliance for obsequiousness (i)_____ him: his apparent (ii)_____ veiled a fervent (iii)_____ of the authority that others exercised over him, one that he occasionally expressed by discreetly sabotaging their most important projects.

  A. misconstrued

  B. condemned

  C. respected

  D. cynicism

  E. acquiescence

  F. intractability

  G. veneration

  H. justification

  I. detestation

  42-9 Some experts estimate that the recreational salmon fishery in British Columbia contributes more to the province’s economy than the commercial salmon fishery does—a surprising statistic given the political commercial _____ of the fishery in the province.

  A. na?veté

  B. prominence

  C. supremacy

  D. ingenuousness

  E. salience

  F. resurgence

  51-9 Each of the country’s 26 sates and most of its more than 2,000 municipalities have their own police forces, _____ communication and making it difficult to establish a coordinated law-enforcement strategy.

  A. establishing

  B. impeding

  C. hampering

  D. launching

  E. obscuring

  F. preventing

  103-9 Berwick, middle-aged, soft-spoken, and _____, with a keen sense of how to use this apparent ordinariness to his advantage, began with a gripping story about how a firefighter saved himself during a forest fire by using a completely improbable tactic.

  A. imperturbable

  B. implacable

  C. unimaginative

  D. unprepossessing

  E. unremarkable

  F. unruffled

  10-6 Galaxy Zoo set a standard for citizen-scientist participation project. Zealous volunteers (i)_____ the project’s organizers by classifying an entire catalog of galaxies years ahead of schedule. (ii)_____ by the (iii)_____ of the volunteers, Galaxy Zoo team was inspired to pursue lines of research they had never even imagined.

  A. beguiled

  B. forestalled

  C. astonished

  D. baffled

  E. buoyed

  F. embarrassed

  G. insouciance

  H. stoicism

  I. alacrity