5-9. Although one can adduce myriad of examples of ecosystem disruption by nonindigenous species, nevertheless most introduced species that survive in fact appear to have quite _____ effects on the ecosystem they have invaded.

  A. minimal

  B. trifling

  C. marked

  D. conspicuous

  E. intriguing

  F. deleterious

  13-7. The Great Lakes wolf is a _____, stumping scientists as to whether it is a subspecies of the gray wolf or a distinct species.

  A. prototype

  B. riddle

  C. paragon

  D. model

  E. legend

  F. conundrum

  21-9. Benjamin Franklin’s reputation is so much one of appearing scientific investigation with commonsense empiricism that it is somewhat startling to realize how _____ the great experiment’s mentoring truly was.

  A. reasonable

  B. speculative

  C. pragmatic

  D. conjectural

  E. careless

  F. judicious

  26-9. If giant X-ray flares churn circumstellar disks enough to keep newborn planets, such as Earth once was, from spiraling into their suns, it would be an ironic twist on our conception of X-ray flares as _____.

  A. dangerous

  B. predictable

  C. ancient

  D. ephemeral

  E. perilous

  F. foreseeable

  56-7. Although the four microclimates, observed over the three years, show very similar overall trends, suggesting spatial _____ in the rock surface temperature regime, relative humidity and surface wetness data show clear differences.

  A. invariability

  B. superiority

  C. perception

  D. homogeneity

  E. resemblance

  F. immutability

  67-1. Reading chunks of Shapiro’s verse in one sitting, it must be said, exposes the _____ nature of his writing: scads of poems are too glancing to strike a nerve, scarcely worth a second reading.

  A. jejune

  B. esoteric

  C. corrosive

  D. finicky

  E. indiscreet