Most people recognize the benefits of individuality, but the fact is that personal economic success requires conformity.



  Ever doubt about the success reason of those outstanding in business, fortune and authority?What makes them so different from common people, who share the same body structures and growing environment? Just like most people recognize, I think it is exactly strong individuality that impels them to positions of honor. Nevertheless, conformity is also indispensable for success in economy for individuals, since this is a character making a person stand on earth and understand commonsense, as well as analyze the consistent environment. In this sense,individuality is a stimulus for personal economic success, while conformity plays as a basic structure.

  We are all born as the same, with brains to think, legs to walk and eyes to see. Even education system is placing conformity into our ways of thinking, observing and studying. But after years of efforts, what we gained will be diversified far from each other, some become millionaires, some own big companies, some may still stay in a small house with low salaries and common living conditions. Despite of certain environments like wars, natural disasters and so forth, there are still many people sharing a similar condition. So the conclusion can be easily drawn that those who gain distinct success have got their unique individuality, including abilities to cooperate and communicate, effective methods to analyze existing conditions and more important, strong will to realize their dreams, no matter how hard they are. Many ones may refer to Bill Gates when asked about who is the world's most successful enterpriser. Depending on his unique way to start career, deserted school life and entered market early, Gates managed to develop DOS as only a green man in society. Such a genius-like feat built him the base of today's software empire--Microsoft. It may be tempting to assume that he finished his education as those around him, and just take a step into some companies after graduation, he might have obtained similar feat. However, if this is reality,his outstanding ability in software developing is still necessary. Therefore, individuality is very important for one's economic success, since it separate the elite from common people.Nevertheless, this does not mean one should be strange, unique or even frantic to succeed.

  Oppositely, conformity is as important as individuality, or even more necessary. Consider a man without individuality, he may feel so easy to be neglected by the society, but can still live a normal life. By contrast, a man without conformity will be trapped into misunderstanding, ignoring or even excluding. Modern society present us an evitable web, linking us together and requiring conformity to be adapted to it.

  Conformity includes diversified aspects, from ethos, morality, natural science to aesthetic value and philosophy. Only after obtaining conformity in all these aspects, one can comprehensively understand his environment, condition and possible support for success. If not, he may feel himself lost, especially on economic issues. Van Gogh, the genius painter for example, suffered from poor all his life. Although his contribution in modern art is considered as splendid, he was totally failed in personal economy. His strong individuality made him diversified from society,even broken up with his good friend, Paul Gauguin. At last, this individuality killed himself after his last painting. From Van Gogh's tragedy, we may see the disadvantage of lacking of conformity.Although some one may take Van Gogh as successful according to his passionate life, it seems to me it would be more perfect if he used his genius for a better life.

  Additionally, with the development of society, it is harder to assess the individuality that can bring personal economic success now. Because more and more people learn from others' experiences, much individuality becomes conformity generally. For example, twenty years ago, in China the ability to speak English can help a person gain many chances on doing business, since there were so few people who learned English. It is undoubtedly English is an individuality at that time, however, it now becomes a very common tool for young generation to communicate with the world. Hence, realizing new trend of individuality and indispensability of conformity is a necessary topic for our success today.

  To sum up, neither of individuality and conformity can be deserted for one's personal economic success, though the function of individuality seems to be more direct and effective. As economic condition is fundamentally determining our living quality, it is important for us to seek both individuality and conformity that can contribute to our success--therefore bringing us a better society.