Tradition and modernization are incompatible. One must choose between them.



  Considered as opposite directions, tradition and modernization have their certain reasons to be incompatible in some aspects. However, in my view it is our society's responsibility to harmonize tradition and modernization, since they both have their indispensable advantages.

  Tradition is memory of an individual, a city or a nation. The amassed historical elements are combined by time into an endless treasure mine involving culture, arts, technology and so forth.Tradition has long averted its function during this amassing progress, giving us experience, rules,ethos and morality. Based on traditional views, we are able to accept modern time and future. For instance, the traditional festival in China, Spring Festival, has played as a spiritual pillar of Chinese people. During that day, people will have vacation, returning home and sharing an annual dinner with family members. It is the only time, to many Chinese, when they can have an entire rest, only dropping into happiness and family. The social function of Spring Festival lays in diversified aspects which help people and the whole society to keep a healthy, stable attitude to their life and family. Other traditional elements have all their values, since they are familiar to a group of people, containing history and memories. The Greek architect, master of critical regionalism, Aghias Zonis claimed that people will feel dangerous without traditional and familiar elements, which cause them an environment of safety.