She approached the bank for a loan. 她向银行申请贷款。

  We have been approached by a number of companies that are interested in our product.


  I'd like to ask his opinion but I find him difficult to approach (= not easy to talk to in a friendly way) .


  profits approaching 30 million dollars 接近3 000万元的利润

  Few writers approach his richness of language. 他语言之丰富很少有作家能望其项背。

  What's the best way of approaching this problem? 什么是处理这个问题的最佳方式?

  The school has decided to adopt a different approach to discipline. 学校决定采取另外一种方式解决纪律问题。

  She took the wrong approach in her dealings with them. 她用错误的手段和他们打交道。

  The club has made an approach to a local company for sponsorship. 俱乐部已向当地一家公司寻求赞助。

  She resented his persistent approaches. 她对他没完没了的纠缠极为反感。

  All the approaches to the palace were guarded by troops. 通往宫殿的所有道路都有军队守卫。

  a new approach road to the port 去港口的一条新路

  That's the nearest approach to an apology you'll get from him. 那是他所能作出的最似歉意的表示。


  1. an estimate of a number or an amount that is almost correct, but not exact 近似值;粗略估算

  That's just an approximation, you understand. 你知道那仅仅是近似值。

  2. ~ (of/to sth) a thing that is similar to sth else, but is not exactly the same 类似事物

  Our results should be a good approximation to the true state of affairs.