First-time computer buyers buying PXC home computerstypically buy models that cost much less and have a smaller profit margin percomputer than do PXC computers bought by people replacing their computers withmore powerful models. Last year PXC'sprofits from computer sales were substantially higher than the previous year,although about the same number of PXC computers were sold and the prices andprofit margins for each computer model that PXC sells remained unchanged.

  If the statements above are true, which of the followingis most strongly supported by them?

  (A) PXC's competitors raised the prices on theircomputers last year, making PXC computers more attractive to first-timecomputer buyers.

  (B) The number of people buying PXC computers who alsobought PXC computer-related products, such as printers, was larger last yearthan the previous year.

  (C) Among computer buyers who bought a PXC computer toreplace their existing computer, the proportion who were replacing a computermade by a competitor of PXC was greater last year than the previous year.

  (D) The proportionof PXC computers bought by first-time computer buyers was smaller last yearthan the previous year.

  (E) PXC's production costs for its computers were lowerlast year than they had been the previous year.

  参考答案: D

  思路:去年PXC的利润高, 根据信息2,就说明去年这个商家卖了比较多 “第二次买电脑的人”.

  选项分析:A:无关名词排除: PXC's competitors. 并且与我们思考的答案不一致.

  B:无关名词排除: computer-related products, such as printers. 并且与我们思考的答案不一致.

  C: 无关名词排除: PXC's competitors. 并且与我们思考的答案不一致.

  E: 此选项与”信息2”, 没有做信息结合

  D: “第一次买电脑”的比例去年比前年少, 也就是说 “第二次买电脑”的比例去年比前年多, 与我们思考的答案一致. 正确答案.