Jennifer: Videorental outlets in Centerville together handled 10,000 fewer video rentals in1994 than in 1993. The decline inrentals was probably due almost entirely to the February 1994 opening ofVideorama, the first and only video rental outlet in the area that, in additionto renting videos, also sold them cheaply.

  Brad: There mustbe another explanation: as you yourselfsaid, the decline was on the order of 10,000 rentals. Yet Videorama sold only 4,000 videos in 1994.

  Which of the following, if true, would most seriouslyweaken the force of the objection that Brad presents to Jennifer's explanation?

  (A) In 1994 Videorama rented out more videos than itsold.

  (B) In 1994 two new outlets that rent but that do notsell videos opened in Centerville.

  (C) Most of the video rental outlets in Centerville rentvideos at a discount on certain nights of the week.

  (D) People often buy videos of movies that they havepreviously seen in a theater.

  (E) People who own videos frequently loan them to theirfriends.

  参考答案: E

  思路:A:无关比较,比较对象文中没出现过:Videorama rent的碟,

  B:如果有另外两家new outlets开的话,那Centerville的下降是因为new outlets了,但我们这里需要说“是因为opening of Videorama”;

  C:没有解释为什么Centerville rentals下降了10,000,但Videorama只卖了4,000碟;;


  E:这解释为什么Centerville rentals下降了10,000,但Videorama只卖了4,000碟。因为人们买回去之后会借给朋友,所以4,000碟产生了10,000碟的效果。正确答案。