Which of the following most logically completes theargument?

  United States manufacturers currently produce most of theworld's solar-power generators--most of which are exported to Europe. However, European manufacturers are emergingand probably will ultimately capture much of the European market. The United States government is funding initiativesintended to encourage use of solar power within the United States. If these initiatives succeed in increasing thedemand for solar-power generators in the United States, United Statesmanufacturers will probably maintain significant production levels, since__________.

  (A) some United States manufacturers have been substantiallyincreasing their output over the last several years

  (B) the efficiency of solar-power generators inconverting energy from the Sun into electric power is not improving as fast asit once did

  (C) just as European manufacturers enjoy certain competitiveadvantages in Europe, so do United States manufacturers in the United States

  (D) European governments are currently undertakinginitiatives to stimulate the use of solar power within Europe

  (E) the current market for solar-power generators in theUnited States is very limited

  参考答案: C

  思路:A:与最后一句话前面的信息无关,这是填空题中 迷惑的选项!