To reduce the danger to life and property posed by majorearthquakes, scientists have been investigating several techniques for givingadvance warning of dangerous earthquakes. Since catfish swim erratically before earthquakes, some investigatorshave proposed monitoring catfish to predict dangerous earthquakes.

  Which of the following, if true, most seriouslyundermines the usefulness of the proposal?

  (A) In Japan, which is subject to frequent earthquakes,the behavior of catfish has long been associated with earthquakes.

  (B) Mechanical methods for detecting earthquakes have notproved effective.

  (C) Tremors lead to the release of hydrogen sulfide gasinto water, thereby causing various fish and shellfish to behave erratically.

  (D) Careful construction can reduce the dangers posed byearthquakes.

  (E) Even very slight, fleeting tremors cause catfish toswim erratically.

  参考答案: E

  思路:A:在日本也用这方法. 没有削弱措施;

  B:别的措施不好. 与我这个措施好不好没关系;

  C: 与swim erratically有相关, 仔细你. 波动让许多鱼都swim erratically. 那追踪catfish是可以的;

  D: 有一个方法可以减少earthquake的伤害, 与此题无关.

  E: 即使非常小的tremors也能让catfish swimerratically, 说明catfish swimerratically是一件随时都有可能发生的平常事.那追踪catfish就没有用了, 因为无法察觉到异常. 正确答案