Twelve years ago and again five years ago, there wereextended periods when the Darfir Republic's currency, the pundra, wasweak: its value was unusually lowrelative to the world's most stable currencies. Both times a weak pundra made Darfir's manufactured products a bargainon world markets, and Darfir's exports were up substantially. Now some politicians are saying that, inorder to cause another similarly sized increase in exports, the governmentshould allow the pundra to become weak again.

  Which of the following, if true, provides the governmentwith the strongest grounds to doubt that the politicians' recommendation, iffollowed, will achieve its aim?

  (A) Several of the politicians now recommending that thepundra be allowed to become weak made that same recommendation before each ofthe last two periods of currency weakness.

  (B) After several decades of operating well below peakcapacity, Darfir's manufacturing sector is now operating at near-peak levels.

  (C) The economy of a country experiencing a rise inexports will become healthier only if the country's currency is strong or therise in exports is significant.

  (D) Those countries whose manufactured products competewith Darfir's on the world market all currently have stable currencies.

  (E) A sharp improvement in the efficiency of Darfir'smanufacturing plants would make Darfir's products a bargain on world marketseven without any weakening of the pundra relative to other currencies.

  参考答案: B

  思路:措施:the government should allowthe pundra to become weak again

  目的:in order to causeanother similarly sized increase in exports

  正确答案作用:1. 这个措施做了之后,目的也达不到;2. 一个会有一个“新因素”的介入来让目的达不到;

  思考:Pundra becomes weak之后, export的量会因为一个新因素的介入而不能增加。



  D: 这个选项告诉我们: Darfir的竞争国家全部都有稳定的货币.有的同学会这么思考, 这说明稳定的货币很重要, 所以不能贬值pundra. 但是 “措施—目的”文章的重点不是讨论措施做不做, 而是讨论 “措施做了之后, 目的会不会达到”;

  E: 即使不贬值pundra, Darfir的产品在世界市场上的议价能力也会提高.这个跟措施做了之后, 目的达不到,没有关系.