For years the beautiful Renaissance buildings in Palititohave been damaged by exhaust from the many tour buses that come to thecity. There has been little parkingspace, so most buses have idled at the curb during each stop on their tour, andidling produces as much exhaust as driving. The city has now provided parking that accommodates a third of the tourbuses, so damage to Palitito's buildings from the buses' exhaust will diminishsignificantly.

  Which of the following, if true, most strongly supportsthe argument?

  (A) The exhaust from Palitito's few automobiles is not asignificant threat to Palitito's buildings.

  (B) Palitito's Renaissance buildings are not threatenedby pollution other than engine exhaust.

  (C) Tour buses typically spend less than one-quarter ofthe time they are in Palitito transporting passengers from one site to another.

  (D) More tourists come to Palitito by tour bus than byany other single means of transportation.

  (E) Some of the tour buses that are unable to findparking drive around Palitito while their passengers are visiting a site.

  参考答案: C

  思路:结论:damage to Palitito'sbuildings from the buses' exhaust will diminish significantly.

  原因:The city has nowprovided parking that accommodates a third of the tour buses

  正确答案作用:1. 与原因结合起来能够让目的更好达到;

  2. 与原因要么是互补的,要么有“共同元素”,才能够结合;


  B: 范围扩大词other than。 文中没有包含其它的污染方式,所以排除。engine exhaust是不是唯一的污染对于结论并不重要,因为只要engine exhaust 是一种污染,那么provide parking就会让Palitito’s buildings的破坏减少。

  D: 范围扩大词any other。文中没有包含其它的交通方式,所以排除。到底做巴士来的旅客是不是比其它交通方式来的旅客多,并不能够重点。

  E: 模糊词some。文中的结论没有极端词,所以排除。

  C: 旅行巴士花少与1/4的时间来运输旅客。也就是说有3/4的时间“空转”那么结合原因(提供一个停车场容纳1/3的车),就能够减少一些“空转”的车,从而减少了damage to Palitito’s building。加强了结论,正确答案;