List Tconsists of 30 positive decimals, none of which is an integer, and the sum of the 30 decimals is S.The estimated sum of the 30 decimals, E, is defined as follows. Each decimal in T whose tenths digit is even is rounded up to the nearest integer, and each decimal in Twhose tenths digit is odd is rounded down to the nearest integer; E is the sum of the resulting integers. If -Iof the decimals in Thave a tenths digit that is even, which of the following is a possible value of E- S?

  I. -16

  II. 6

  III. 10

  (A) I only

  (B) I and II only

  (C) I and III only

  (D) II and III only

  (E) I, II, and III


  Of the 200 students at College T majoring in one or more of the sciences, 130 are majoring in chemistry and 150 are majoring in biology. If at least 30 of the students are not majoring in either chemistry or biology, then the number of students majoring in both chemistry and biology could be any number from

  (A) 20 to 50

  (B) 40 to 70

  (C) 50 to 130

  (D) 110 to 130

  (E) 110 to 150