The ratio, by volume, of soap to alcohol to water in a certain solution is 2:50:100. The solution will be altered so that the ratio of soap to alcohol is doubled while the ratio of soap to water is halved. If the altered solution will contain 100 cubic centimeters of alcohol, how many cubic centimeters of water will it contain?

  (A) 50

  (B) 200

  (C) 400

  (D) 625

  (E) 800


  If n = 4p, where p is a prime number greater than 2, how many different positive even divisors does n have, including n?

  (A) Two

  (B) Three

  (C) Four

  (D) Six

  (E) Eight


  John and Mary were each paid x dollars in advance to do a certain job together. John worked on the job for 10 hours and Mary worked 2 hours less than John. If Mary gave John y dollars of her payment so that they would have received the same hourly wage, what was the dollar amount, in terms of y, that John was paid in advance?

  (A) 4y

  (B) 5y

  (C) 6y

  (D) 8y

  (E) 9y