B1. The primary responsibility of citizens is to obey their nation’s civil and criminal laws.

  B2. Although most people wish to live long lives, attempting to significantly extend the average human life span would be a mistake. If achieved, this would place an enormous burden on resources, lowering the quality of life for everyone.

  B3. Lying should be avoided primarily because it harms people's ability to live togther in society.

  B4. Each generation's culture achievements--such as those in music, art ,or literature--represent improvements on the cultural achievements of previous generations.

  B5. Public figures should avoid expressing opinions about things that they have not personally experienced or been directly affected by.

  B6. The increasing popularity of video games and Internet suggests that consumers now want a more interactive entertainment experience than books, movies, and television can provide.

  B7. Only by traveling outside the country of one's birth can one understand the world and its people.

  B8. Because it is in the best interest of a society to promote integrity and moral behavior, governments should censor television and radio programs for offensive language and behavior.

  B9. Despite the violence and stereotypes present in many popular forms of entertainment created for children (such as books, movies, and video games), we should still allow children to experience this kind of entertainment.

  B10. Portrayals of violence have proven commercially successful in television programs, movies, songs, and other forms of popular entertainment. Therefore, those who create popular entertainment should continue to incorporate violence into their products.