1解决:Solve, deal with, cope with, handle, resolve, address, tackle

  2损害:Damage, hurt, injure, harm, impair, undermine, jeopardize

  3给与:Give, offer, render, impart, provide,supply, afford

  4培养::Develop, cultivate, foster

  5优势:Advantage, merit, virtue, benefit, upside, strength

  6缺陷:Disadvantage, demerit, drawback, downside, weakness

  7使迷惑:Puzzle, bewilder, perplex, baffle

  8重要的:Key, crucial, critical, important, significant, vital, substantial, indispensable, imperative

  9认为:Think, believe, insist, maintain, assert, conclude, deem, hold, argue, be convinced, be firmly convinced, be fully convinced

  10保护:Protect, conserve, preserve

  11确保:Assure, ensure, guarantee, pledge

  12有害的:Bad, baneful evil, harmful, detrimental

  13要求 :Request, demand, needs, requisition

  14消除 :Eliminate, clear, remove, clear up, take away, smooth away

  15导致:Lead to, bring about, result in, cause, spark off, conduce to, procure, induce, generate

  16因此:So, therefore, thus, hence, consequently, as a consequence, accordingly, as a result, because of this, as a result of this

  17增长至:Grow to,rise to, increase to, go up to, climb to, ascend to,jump to,shoot to