Dashes 破折号

  a. Use a dash to link two parts of a sentence.


  Okay: Always buckle your seat belt; it's the law.

  Stronger: Always buckle your seat belt—it’s the law.

  b. Use a pair of dashes to emphasize by-the-way, parenthetical expressions.


  *My grandmother bought me a puppy—an adorable little bulldog!—for my birthday.

  *I’ve lived in Portland—the one in Oregon, not Maine—all my life.

  c. Use a dash to set off a long appositive (a description of who or what the subject is) or an appositive with lots of commas.

  例句:My best friends—Amani, Catherine, Erin, Kai, and Lola—are here.

  d. Use a dash in dialogue to show hesitation or a break in the flow of the sentence.

  例句:Esperanza said, “I definitely studied enough for the test—or I think I studied enough—I probably studied nearly enough—well, I hope I studied enough.”

  e. Use a dash to sum up a list or idea.