Lifelong learning is the concept that "It's never too soon or too late for learning", a philosophy that has taken root in a whole host of different organisations.

  Lifelong learning is attitudinal; that one can and should be open to new ideas, decisions, skills or behaviours. Lifelong learning throws the axiom "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" out the door. Lifelong learning sees citizens provided with learning opportunities at all ages and in numerous contexts: at work, at home and through leisure activities, not just through formal channels such as school and higher education.

  Lifelong education is a form of pedagogy often accomplished through distance learning or e-learning, continuing education, homeschooling or correspondence courses. It also includes postgraduate programmes for those who want to improve their qualifications, bring their skills up to date or retrain for a new line of work.

  Internal corporate training has similar goals, with the concept of lifelong learning used by organisations to promote a more dynamic employee base, better able to react in an agile manner to a rapidly changing climate. In later life, especially in retirement, continued learning takes diverse forms, crossing traditional academic bounds and including recreational activities.


  "what motivates good employees is the ability to see projects through to their completion.while the actual process of monitoring this flow may be the specific task of one employee—a project manager—it is important for this employee to,in turn, recognize that every employee involved in the workflow should be able to see the finished product once it is complete,and gain an understanding of his or her importance in the project as a whole. in addition,a motivating work environment must be one in which employees are treated matter what level of input a particular worker has in relation to the business processes as a whole, it is essential for a manager to give each employee a sense of playing a dynamic, integral role in something much larger.indeed,engendering loyalty is a key element of motivating workers and thereby increasing the overall productivity of operations."