GMAT核心词汇 perceive

  英文解释: verb: to be aware of, to sense or feel

  例句: If hunters are skilled, the animals will not perceive their presence.

  GMAT核心词汇 percipient

  英文解释: adjective: highly perceptive

  例句: Even the most percipient editor will make an occasional error when proofreading.

  GMAT核心词汇 peremptory

  英文解释: adjective: bossy and domineering

  例句: My sister used to peremptorily tell me to do the dishes, a chore I would either do perfunctorily or avoid doing altogether.

  GMAT核心词汇 perennial

  英文解释: adjective: lasting an indefinitely long time; eternal; everlasting

  例句: Even at the old-timers games, Stan Musial would get the loudest cheer: he was a perennial favorite of the fans there.

  GMAT核心词汇 perfidy

  英文解释: noun: an act of deliberate betrayal; a breach of a trust

  例句: The lowest circles in Dante's Inferno were for those who had practiced perfidy, and among these, the very lowest was for those, such as Judas, who had been treacherous to one of their benefactors.

  GMAT核心词汇 perfunctory

  英文解释: adjective: done routinely and with little interest or care

  例句: The short film examines modern perfunctory cleaning rituals such as washing dishes, doing laundry and tooth-brushing.

  GMAT核心词汇 peripatetic

  英文解释: adjective: traveling by foot

  例句: Jim always preferred a peripatetic approach to discovering a city: he felt that he could see so many more details while walking.

  GMAT核心词汇 pernicious

  英文解释: adjective: exceedingly harmful; working or spreading in a hidden and injurious way

  例句: The most successful viruses are pernicious: an infected person may feel perfectly healthy for several months while incubating and spreading the virus.

  GMAT核心词汇 perpetuate

  英文解释: verb: cause to continue

  例句: If you do not let him do things for himself, you are merely perpetuating bad habits that will be even harder to break in the future.

  GMAT核心词汇 perquisite

  英文解释: noun: a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right)

  例句: Even as the dishwasher at the French restaurant, Josh quickly learned that he had the perquisite of being able to eat terrific food for half the price diners would pay.