1.“It is unrealistic to expect individual nations to make,independently,the sacrifices necessary to conserve energy. International leadership and worldwide cooperation are essential if we expect to protect the world’s energy resources for future generations.”


  2.“Corporations and other businesses should try to eliminate the many ranks and salary grades that classify employees according to their experience and expertise.A ‘flat’ organizational structure is more likely to encourage collegiality and cooperation among employees.”


  3.“Employees should keep their private lives and personal activities as separate as possible from the workplace.”


  4.“When someone achieves greatness in any field — such as the arts,science,politics,or business — that person’s achievements are more important than any of his or her personal faults.”


  5.“Education has become the main provider of individual opportunity in our society. Just as property and money once were the keys to success,education has now become the element that most ensures success in life.”