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  Loss of the Gocha mangrove forests has caused coastal erosion, reducing fish populations and requiring the Gocha Fishing Cooperative (GFC) to partially fund dredging and new shore facilities. However, as part of its subsidiary businesses, the GFC has now invested in a program to replant significant parts of the coast with mangrove trees. Given income from a controlled harvest of wood with continuing replanting, the mangrove regeneration effort makes it more likely that the cooperative will increase its net income.

  Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the argument that mangrove replanting will increase the Gocha cooperative's net income?

  A.The cost of dredging and shore facilities was shared with the local government.

  B.The GFC will be able to hire local workers to assist with the mangrove replanting.

  C.The GFC derives 10 percent of its revenue from salt-production facilities in an area previously cleared of mangroves.

  D.Mangrove forests tend to increase the commercial fish populations in coastal fishing grounds.

  E.A controlled harvesting of mangrove wood by the GFC would have little effect on coastal erosion.


  You Answered Correctly! Argument Evaluation

  Situation A subsidiary business of the Gocha Fishing Cooperative (GFC) has invested in a program to replant significant parts of the coast with mangrove trees.

  Reasoning What additional information, if true, would most strengthen the argument's support for the conclusion that the mangrove regeneration effort will increase the GFC's net income? If the regeneration effort helped the GFC's fishing operations, this could lead to an increase in GFC's income.

  Correct. If the mangrove restoration effort helps increase the commercial fish population in coastal fishing grounds, then there is a good chance that the GFC's income from its fishing operations will increase as a result.

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